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Development Updates – Road Infrastructure

Road Infrastructure

The road infrastructure around the Hilton life Hospital and Health will be substantially upgraded.

The intersection at Hilton Avenue/Monzali Drive will be upgraded in terms of the specification required by the Department of Transport.  The work will include the provision of dedicated access into Monzali Drive to allow for the increase of traffic volumes, but also to ensure through traffic along Hilton Avenue is not affected.  The upgrade will form part of the overall planning of this portion of road, which includes future upgrades planned by SANRAL, as well as other private developments.  The planning of the intersection upgrade will be co-ordinated by the various developers in collaboration with Department of Transport and SANRAL.

Monzali Drive is currently 6m wide and the road surface is in a poor condition.  The upgrade of the road will included reconstruction to 10m wide surface with kerbing and sidewalks on both sides.  The portion of the upgrade will be from the Hilton Avenue intersection to Smal Street to accommodate the new entrance to the hospital site.  The designs of Monzali Drive have been approved by the municipality’s technical department.  Minor improvements of the Smal Street stormwater is also envisaged.

The above upgrades of Monzali Drive and Hilton Avenue Intersection forms part of the Conditions of Establishment and will be completed by the time the hospital becomes operational.