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Hilton Health


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Hilton Health, is a commercial/medical block with a vision of partnering in health. The concept is based around the delivery of a wide spectrum of high quality Primary Healthcare and Health-related services in a holistic and multi-disciplinary manner creating convenient medical hub.

News Update:
Hilton Health’s construction is now complete.

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It shares an entrance with Life Hilton (the flagship hospital for Life).  The hospital and commercial block are independent of each other.

However, the relationship between the two developments is symbiotic, each entity supporting each other, working together to form an integrated approach to medical care. This will lead to much improved patient care and a quick turn around is envisaged.

Healthcare, in general, is often not integrated and rather than supporting, they are opposing which can lead to the demise or result in a low return on investment. Careful consideration is given to each prospective investor/tenant to ensure we have a balanced integration of the various disciplines, thereby ensuring Hilton Health is a success.

voigts-group-hilton-health-property-We are currently finalising the last practitioners and gear ourselves towards the building and opening of a world class medical centre.

Demographically, location and demand for healthcare shows Hilton to be the preferred area. Quick access off the Highway coupled with the  shortage of rooms at the major hospitals in Pietermaritzburg, this concept was born.

The lifestyle offered within the area for relocation is also advantageous encouraging alternative and other specialized services willing to relocate to KwaZulu Natal.

With most of the best private schools in the country situated within 5km – 25km from Hilton, climate, opportunities and lifestyle makes Hilton a preferred town. These developments will encourage a migration of business owners or professionals who are looking for a quieter, family orientated lifestyle.  This is turn will inject fresh successful business professionals or skilled professionals into the area thereby creating opportunity for future upliftment and development. Hilton is fast becoming one of the most exciting commercial and residential development nodes in the Province.

The overall trend is definitely moving to decentralising and Hilton becoming the hub of health due to its accessibility and integrated practicing which makes it convenient for the general public. They aim to become the best center or medical center where service delivery, medical care, up dated technology, shared resources and information is synonymous with Hilton Health.

Integral partnering within this collaboration of medical professionals, striving for excellence is a winning combination. Hilton Health is destined to be a high-performing network of multi-disciplinary providers recognized as the leader in integrated health care centers.

Integrating respected practitioners from multi disciplines, to provide and enhance standards of patient-centered care and excellence. Providing high-quality, co-ordinated patient care with a holistic approach, focusing on wellness. Using evidence-based medicine, driven by shared data is the vision of this leading healthcare facility.

Hilton Health is the commercial component to the Hilton Private Hospital. The modern contemporary design of the building reflects a similar aesthetic language of the hospital responding to the building’s context. Both buildings are clearly visible from the N3 highway therefore requiring a bold and iconic architectural language. The clean lines and simple use of materials stay true to a contemporary look generating a distinguishable presence in the area.

The effective use of materials and orientation allow this building to respond environmentally to Hilton’s sub-tropical climate. The building utilises masonry walls that provide effective thermal mass properties; solar shading devices that regulate the interior temperatures and sufficient natural ventilation that reduces the need for mechanical cooling. Architectural details and features of the building will capture and reflect the client’s branding and identity. 

Life Hilton Private Hospital


Identifying the niche in the market for medical hospital facility within the Pietermaritzburg Hilton and surrounding areas André embraced this challenge to find the perfect solution.

After sourcing and acquiring the land, which was ideal in terms of location and accessibility, the long arduous process of obtaining licenses, environmental studies, feasibility studies, approvals, negotiations and partnering with various departments.  Certain Healthcare Groups were invited to partner in this massive in excess of R200mil venture.  Life Healthcare Group was successful in being awarded the opportunity.

Due to the shortage of beds in the local and surrounding hospitals, the idea of developing a new Hospital was a welcomed proposition. The Life Hilton will be the “Flagship” hospital for Life Healthcare Group.  The financial model of the Group  concept is leading in terms of emerging trends and to create opportunities to allow practitioners to invest and therefore become administrators of their own hospital, as well as shareholders.  This in turn, presents a management module that benefits the patient, practitioner and shareholders.

Due to the accessibility from the highway, position within the Midlands, the patient care synonymous to  Life Healthcare Group; the progression of development in the Healthcare sector will naturally centralize to Hilton. Due to this forecasted migration the demand for a Doctors block/practitioner rooms was realized and conceptualized. This development is aptly named Hilton Health – Partnering in Healthcare.


Construction building steps to success
Our building is starting to reach for the sky!!

The iconic building of Hilton Health is taking shape and emerging from the ground at an alarming pace thanks to our very dedicated Construction contractor NMC.

Construction is not for the faint hearted, and I can attest to the fact that NMC rise to and through any occasion, unforeseen circumstance and challenge and face it head-on.  The entire ground floor slab has been poured and cured in two very large concrete pours, columns are sprouting from the slab (those that get in the way of internal floor layouts – as Chelsea would agree!) and before you know it, the first floor slab will appear.

NMC are aiming to take care of the entire 1st floor slab in one pour – very exciting!!